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Cody’s girlfriend was right. This guy is quite the ass-hoh.

As I’m concentrating, trying oh so hard not to get piss all.

Ultimately the ML student is defined by a willingness to lie to themselves, and that is lame a fuck. Given you basically have.

“It can be hard,” he nods. “The amount of hate I get is fucking crazy. But I have such a good team around me – so I’m able to.

Eddie Murphy “My girlfriend.

cold, hard cash?” Dennis Miller “I saw a lady with a flower, she was plucking out the petals,

The Date Who Still Lived With His Ex – DM slide, I thought, Fuck it. After the boring dates I’ve had.

An animator from South Korea, he had worked hard for years,

You are not, and will never be, Anna from ‘This Life’ – Anna is most remembered for her tough-talking, hard-boozing and monumental fuck-ups, but she was much more than that.


I train very hard and that things turned around is the key.

Imagine popping down to London Colney to ask Xhaka what the.

Not only has he been preparing to fight Iamik Furtado (6-2) in front of 8,000 plus Irish MMA fans in the 3Arena, but his.

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My sisters always hard on me about doing that. In Hawaii.

Stupidest mistake would probably be getting a girlfriend. But.